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AR Planes

published February 2018

AR Planes lets you discover nearby planes in augmented reality. It started as an award-winning hackathon project at Hack the North 2017 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Window icon


published May 2016

Window is an Intermittent Fasting Tracker that lets users track their daily eating window and log their weight. It's offered in three languages, and has sold almost 10,000 copies so far.

Inflation Calculator icon

Inflation Calculator

published September 2014

Inflation Calculator converts dollar values across the years, with data from 1800 to now. It also supports 18 international currencies, like the Euro and the British Pound.

Blurb icon


published September 2015

Blurb is an image editing tool that lets you add a custom blurry border to your photos. It's available in three languages, and has been used over 150,000 times.

Emoji Names icon

Emoji Names

published October 2015

Emoji Names can give you the official Unicode name for any emoji. It's been downloaded over 20,000 times so far.

T-Squared icon


published November 2015

T-Squared is an iOS client for Georgia Tech's learning management system. Students can access their classes, assignments, grades, and more. It's been used over 2 million times, but is set to be phased out starting in 2019.

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Rhyme a Zoo

published September 2015

Rhyme a Zoo is an interactive storybook app for kids that promotes early-childhood literacy, published by Augusta University. Players listen to classic rhymes and answer basic comprehension questions. Answering questions correctly gives them coins, which they can use to buy animals for their zoo.

Brainy Phonics icon

Brainy Phonics

published August 2017

Brainy Phonics is an educational game published by Augusta University. It teaches basic reading skills and word recognition. Players learn to recognize letter sounds and full words by playing quiz games and hearing classic rhymes.