Window has been on the App Store for around a year and a half, but until now its only been available in English. After gaining valuable experience from translating Blurb into Spanish and Chinese, I decided it was a good time to give Window the same treatment. With some hard work and outside help, Window is now available for download in English, Spanish, and French!

It takes a good bit of effort to set up an app to be translated into other languages. Every piece of text that ends up on screen has to be piped through a tool that looks up the appropriate translation. It’s also to important to take regional preferences into account, like 24-hour time, weeks that start on Monday instead of Sunday, and less-common weight units like the English stone. Small details like this really improved the app for international audiences.

I polled Facebook to decide which languages to support in this newest update. There was a clear consensus on Spanish, a handful of requests for French, and a scattering of other languages like German, Russian, Finish, and Polish. I wanted to choose two languages to start with, so I went with Spanish and French for now. I used the OneSky platform to professionally translate the the app into Spanish, and one of my friends who is fluent in French was kind enough to contribute translations as well.

Downloading Window

It’s exciting to open up the app to even more users from even more countries! If you haven’t downloaded Window, you can get it on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.