Since Window was published back in May 2016, I’ve gotten a lot of great requests for new features from people who use the app every day. After a few months of hard work, I’m very excited to announce that Window 2.0 has been published on the App Store and is now available for download! It includes tons of great new features:

Weight Tracking

Weight tracking was probably the single most-requested feature I’ve gotten over the past year, and a lot of thought went in to how to make it as useful as possible. Now you can view and log your weight right in Window! You can see a graph of your weight over time, including a seven-day moving average. You also have the option to show your window history as a line on the graph so you can understand how your use of Window is impacting your overall weight.

Window uses Apple Health to access and store your weights, so you can rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands. This also means that your weight data is shared with any other app that works with Apple Health. If you log your weight in another app or with a smart scale device, it will still appear in Window.

Window Notes

You can now add notes to your windows (while they’re open or even after they’re closed). You have space to write about day, mention how you feel, or mark down what you ate for dinner. You can also attach pictures, which is the perfect way to document your eating habits. Window will save these notes with your windows forever so you can come back and reference them later.

View your Fasting Duration

The second most common request I’ve gotten has been to add more functionality for people who prefer to view their “fast” instead of their “eating window”. In the Window History screen, you now have the option to view your fasting duration. Window will automatically calculate the length of your daily fast by finding the time between the end of one eating window and the start of the next. You still track your daily eating window, but now you have the ability to see it from a different perspective.

iPad Support

Window also supports the iPad now, so you can finally use it on all of your devices! Every screen has been optimized for the larger screen, and it fits right in. None of the other major fast tracking apps support iPad at the time of writing, so it’s exciting to open up the app to an entire new group of users for the first time! The iPad version doesn’t support weight tracking for now, because Apple Health is unavailable on iPad devices. I may put out an update that works around this limitation in the future.

Home Screen 3D Touch Shortcuts

One last quick addition is support for Home Screen 3D Touch Shortcuts. Home screen shortcuts are a quick way to get to important parts of an app, and you can open them by force-touching on any app icon. Window now supports this feature, and includes four useful new shortcuts.

Feature Requests

All of these new features were requests from real users! If you have any more ideas or suggestions, you can email me and let me know!

Downloading Window

If you haven’t downloaded Window, you can get it on the App Store for iPhone or Pad.