AR Planes is now available to download on the App Store! It lets you discover nearby planes in augmented reality – just point your camera to see all the planes around you. I’ve been working on it for a long time, so I’m really excited to finally put it out there!

AR Planes focuses on augmented reality with your phone's camera, but it has a bunch of other cool features.

  • Tap a plane to see the airline, origin airport, and final destination
  • See the plane’s flight plan and full route on a map
  • Learn about the aircraft model and operating airline
  • See planes from anywhere in the world by moving your AR viewpoint to a different place on the map
  • Save a collection of interesting flights that you come across

Making AR Planes

AR Planes started at Hack the North 2017 in Waterloo, Ontario. I worked with my friends Mantas, who I met while I was working at Airbnb last summer, and Olivia, who we met at the hackathon. At the event, we had 36 hours to build anything we wanted. After tossing around ideas for most of the first night, we settled on making what would become AR Planes. The original prototype wasn’t much, but it was enough for us to be chosen as one of the ten winning projects (out of over 200 teams)! It’s grown a lot since then, and now I think it can finally stand on its own as a fully-featured app.

Video Demo